Microgroms Club Rules

MicroGroms Surf Club SA Inc runs regular surfing Competitions to modified Association of Surfing Professionals Rules in an annual competitive program.

All Members compete at their own risk and as such are assumed to be competent surfers and swimmers, having an appropriate level of skill and experience for the conditions.

Please note that the Club does not run Competitions based on age. They are run on individual ability and confidence and as such, Members can compete in any division in which they choose and also whilst members are given the opportunity to participate in any of the Club Competitions no one is compelled to surf if they feel that the conditions are unsuitable.


1.     Membership Rules:

1.1.       Members must be 18 or under for the duration of the competition season, i.e. The Member cannot have a 19th birthday at any time during the competition season.

1.2.       Membership Fees are set at the start of the season, and are payable by cash or check only. No credit is allowed Members must be financial before their second Competition.

1.3.       Individuals and existing members are entitled to compete in their first Competition of the season free of charge. A membership form must however be lodged with the club so that the individual is covered by the Club’s Insurance.

1.4.       Parents or Guardians are responsible for their Child’s safety and must attend all Competitions, however, if a Parent or Guardian cannot attend a particular competition, at which they choose to allow their child to compete, they must organise transport for and supervision of their children and do so at their own risk.

1.5.       All Members compete at their own risk and as such are assumed to be competent surfers and swimmers, having an appropriate level of skill and experience for the conditions.

1.5.1.           All Members are expected to be able to deal with the water conditions without any assistance in the water and be proficient swimmers and whilst parents may caddy for but not physically assist surfers during competition.

1.5.2.           An exception to this will be at the discretion of the B Grade Contest Director. If conditions dictate, parents may provide assistance to members in paddling out. This will be advised at the start of each Competition. No assistance in catching waves (i.e. pushing onto waves), is allowed under any circumstances.

1.6.       Members will act with due regard to the natural environment. Please Refer to Appendices 1 & 2.

1.7.       All Members will abide by all rules and regulation, or By-Laws as decided by the Club and detailed in the Club Constitution.

1.8.       Any Member found guilty of misconduct by the Club may be liable for disqualification at the discretion of the Club Executive Committee.


2.     Release and Indemnity:

2.1.       Members and member’s parents acknowledge that:

2.1.1.           The activity is a dangerous recreational activity that involves a risk of physical harm.

2.1.2.           The Member may be injured in performing the activity.

2.1.3.           The Member’s personal property may be lost, damaged or destroyed in performing the activity.

2.1.4.           Other people may cause the Member injury or may damage the Member property in the course of performing the activity.

2.1.5.           The Member may cause injury to other persons or damage their property in performing the activity.

2.1.6.           The natural conditions in which the activity is conducted may vary without warning.

2.1.7.          The Member’s participation in the activity is voluntary and the Member has not been required by MicroGroms to engage in the activity.

2.1.8.           They must disclose any pre-existing medical or other condition that may affect the risk that either the Member or any other person will suffer injury, loss or damage.


3.     Risk warning

3.1.       All surfing competitions carry an element of risk; including but not limited to: Physical injury from the member’s or other members’ surfboard, drowning; exposure to heat and cold; marine stings and marine animal attacks. 

3.2.       Whilst every effort is taken to ensure safety, the MicroGroms Surf Club SA Inc. cannot be held responsible for any injuries that occur whilst attending Club meetings, social events or competitions.


4.     Miscellaneous

4.1.     The Member agrees to comply with all rules and directions made or given by MicroGroms in connection with participation. If any Member fails to comply with the rules and directions of MicroGroms it is acknowledged that the Member may be injured or injure someone else.

4.2.     If the Member suffers any injury or illness, MicroGroms may provide or arrange evacuation, first aid and medical treatment at the member’s expense.

4.3.     Members and member’s parents consent to photographs and electronic images being taken of the Member during MicroGroms events.  I acknowledge that MicroGroms may use the photographs for promotional or other purposes without further consent being obtained. Further, consent is given to the MicroGroms organisers using the Members name, image, likeness and performance in any MicroGroms Event, at any time and by any form of media, to promote the MicroGroms Club.

4.4.     To assist with communications, Member and Parent or Guardian contact details may be collated by the Committee and distributed to all Club Members.